Battle report : Mongoose’s Judge Dredd, the miniatures games !
mercredi 30 juin 2010
par Usagi3

Mongoose Publishing published a few weeks ago the free online ruleset of their new Judge Dredd miniatures games. Being lucky enough to possess a lot of Judge Dredd Minis, here’s a battle report to test these rules ! I’ll be playing on my own, ie against myself.

Mega City One... Judges got an anonymous call about a drug delivery about to take place. A 2 Judges and 1 Cadet patrol is sent...

JPG - 101.1 ko
La Loi, c’est eux !
JPG - 105.1 ko
JPG - 103.4 ko
Judge Dredd himself.
Gamme Foundry.
JPG - 107.7 ko
Le Juge Mendernier.
Gamme Mongoose.
JPG - 95.6 ko
Le Cadet Mouton.

The drug dealers are members of an all-female gang called the Lesbian Bolts.

JPG - 103.4 ko
Un membre des Killing Bananas.
Fig plastique de Mongoose.
JPG - 100.1 ko
JPG - 102.4 ko
La chef des Lesbian Bolts !
JPG - 92.2 ko
JPG - 97.3 ko ses copines.
JPG - 93.8 ko
JPG - 91.2 ko
JPG - 91.3 ko
JPG - 96.3 ko
JPG - 99.2 ko
JPG - 97 ko
JPG - 96.7 ko
L’objet du délit : la caisse de stupéfiants !
C’est un décor cartonné fourni avec Gangs of Mega City One, genre c’est un clin d’œil quoi.

This mission will pitch 200pts of Judges against 205pts of Punks, lead by a level one Hero. The girls will have to transport the drug box to the other edge of the map... If two punks carry the box, they move as usual. If only one girl is carrying it, her move allowance will get halved.

Judges are set...

JPG - 103.3 ko
Dredd et Mendernier sont devant, le Cadet en arrière !

Not so far, 2 girls carry the drug crate. They are led by ther leader and a scout. The leader is a level one Hero, with a long rifle, a cleave and an Armor (shell jacket). She’s got the Acurate and Crackshot traits.

JPG - 98.6 ko

Aerial view...

JPG - 109.2 ko
Les filles sont en haut à droite, les Juges en bas à gauche.
JPG - 91.1 ko
Points de vue des Juges...
JPG - 97.5 ko celui de leurs copines.

This game makes use of ten-sided dice. I’ll use a blue one for the Law, and a red one for the Perps !

Initiative gets rolled...

JPG - 138.4 ko

The Lesbian Bolts win and will play first. They only move : the leader is getting away from her camrades to get a line of sight, and the others bravely progress toward their goal, the opposite map edge.

JPG - 96.1 ko
JPG - 109.9 ko

Judges move too. Dredd goes to the left, Mendernier to the right, and the Cadet tries to stay in between. All doing their best to get some cover !

JPG - 123.4 ko
Notez la voiture aux couleurs des Lesbian Bolts à droite !

Let’s explain some rules. Each model gets two actions. In this first turn, I only used Move actions. All the minis used here have Speed characteristics of 5", so they can move 5" and make another action, make 2 actions while staying still or run by using two Move actions.

During their second phase, the girls leader move, then find a line of sight to the Judge Mendernier...

JPG - 76.5 ko

More than half the model being obscured by a wall section, the Judge has heavy cover ! He’ll get a +2 Agility bonus to dodge, and a +2 Armor bonus.

JPG - 106.1 ko

Shooting time ! You get to use as many dice as indicated in the weapon profile (1 for the long rifle), modified by the Shoot characteristic of the leader (+1).

JPG - 75.7 ko

8+1, 9 ! Nice one ! Our Judge will now do his best to dodge...

JPG - 98 ko

He gets a 6 ! +1 with his Agility, +2 using his heavy cover, he’s up to 9. That’s a draw, but the rules say the attacker still scores a hit when it’s a draw !

Lucky Judge gets an armor, still, with a pretty 8 value, modified by his +2 heavy cover. He gets to throw a die, and tries to beat 6 (8-2). Sadly enough, the Armor Piercing value of the long rifle is 1, modified by +1 with the Crackshot trait. Finally, he has to get a 8 to soak the attack !

JPG - 95.7 ko

3 is not enough... The Judge is a level one Hero, and has got 2 hit points. As the long rifle damage value is 2, he’s insta-killed...

JPG - 117.7 ko
Arggggh !

Not to be trifled with, Dredd leaps from his hideout to find 3 Punks facing him, 2 carrying the drug crate !

JPG - 80.3 ko

He used 1 action to move, but he can’t shoot yet. The Law says he can only shoot at targets who tried to wound law officers or who resisted arrest. Our Judge will try to arrest one of the bad girls !

It’s a Will challenge, the Judge getting a +1 Will bonus and the punk none.

JPG - 87.9 ko

9+1=10 for Dredd, 2 for the girl ! She doesn’t resist, and her model is removed from play.

Dredd made his 2 actions, but he uses...

JPG - 103.3 ko

...his Heroic Surge Trait ! Once per game, he can make 3 actions. He tries to arrest another Punk...

JPG - 96.5 ko

That’s a draw, but the Judge still win because of his +1 Will. Yeah, another lesbian to the iso-cubes (Mega City One jail facility) !

JPG - 103.3 ko
Plus qu’une petite frappe !

The Cadet moves to get near Dredd.

JPG - 94.7 ko

During the Lesbian Bolts phase, the girl facing Dredd pick up the crate and tries to get away. Burdened by the heavy box, she only moves a little !

JPG - 88.6 ko
JPG - 87.6 ko

Her chief moves too, getting a line of sight to Dredd...

JPG - 72 ko
La silhouette noire, au fond, c’est Dredd.

Hell yes, he’ll get some cover too ! This game uses real lines of sight.

Shooting time again...

JPG - 89.8 ko

3, +1, makes 4 .

JPG - 106.4 ko

Dredd gets a nice 6, modified by his +1 Agility and his +2 Cover. That’s a 9, perp !

But since our evil leader has got the Accurate trait...

JPG - 88.3 ko

...She may re-roll any shooting attack with a rifle weapon that misses. Please note I did choose those traits. She can have two thanks to her level one Hero rank. The Judges are already packed with 2 traits, but you get to select the ones you like for the other Heroes ! I tried to create a sniper-type punk hero...


JPG - 93.1 ko

Dang, 10, that’s a Critical Hit ! Any Armour score the model has is disregarded and treated as 0 for the critical hit alone. No armor test and two damage points, more than enough to seriously wound Dredd and leave him lying helplessly on the floor.

JPG - 101 ko

The Cadet being a Minion seeing a Hero going down, he has to test his Morale. Making use of his +1 Willpower, he has to get a 5 to keep fighting !

JPG - 104.7 ko

Darn, 4 ! Epic fail, and he runs for his life. The Lesbian Bolts can carry on their drug dealing !

The game lasted 17 minutes. Rules are simple and elegant. I had lots of fun, and now plan to try the game with my ever-smiling wife. Please keep in mind these rules are free and are to be find here, at Mongoose’s website !


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