Adrenaline : beta-test battle report ! **English**
jeudi 21 août 2008
par Usagi3


Please forgive my bad English as I am French.

Here’s a battle report using the new Ganesha ruleset, Adrenaline. I am a beta tester, and today, we played our first Adrenaline game !

Adrenaline is a simple ruleset for two to six players. Each player controls ONE single miniature over a map created for the game.

For this game, we used a paper map Andrea Sfiligoi, the game creator, emailed us. We chosed to set up this map using 3D models !

JPG - 87.7 ko
The map, paper version...
JPG - 110.1 ko
Our set-up !

In this battle report, my opponent will be the fabled Neo54.

JPG - 101.9 ko

As in the Song of Blades and Heroes rules, you can create the game statistics of ANY model using a point system. I’m going to use an Elven Blademaster, and Neo54 a 6 arms female daemon !

No magic and no ranged combat in our first game. We’re going to run an objective-based game : we have to retrieve a rune-adorned totem !

In the Adrenaline system, each turn starts with secret bids from each player, using coloured dice. Here’s Neo54’s :

JPG - 92.3 ko
The red die shows that Neo54 is going to favour attacks. The white die indicates which bodypart he will try to hurt.

You can favour one of three things : Attack (red die), Defense (blue), or Mind actions (spells and the like, green die). You can also specify the body part you will focus on (white die).

Movements are handled flawlessly : as long as you don’t run in anything troublesome by going straight, you can go on !

JPG - 106.6 ko
No measurements for movements.

The game is action-based. Your character has an Initiative statistic, used to show when your character is going to act (the higher, the better !) or how many actions he will try to do.

My elf as an Initiative of 8. Quite a good score ! He can do one single action without having to throw any dice. One action, and then it’s Neo’s character turn.

But he can also elect to try something risky... He can try to do several actions. He then throws the dice, hoping to obtain a score lesser than his actual Initiative. If he is successful, he can act, then he throws the dice a second time, but with a reduced by one Initiative score. If he fails, turn over ! Got it ?

JPG - 102.8 ko
Turn-over !

In our first game, Neo54 played his Daemon with an Initiative of 5, reduced by one due to his heavy armour (thus Initiative 4). He had a very bad time because of that, and I won the game easily : he didn’t manage to catch me to beat me to a pulp !

In the second game, he altered his Daemon’s stats, and...

JPG - 99.8 ko
Contact !
The white paper is used to represent mud. Go figure...

The bids were greatly altered by this hand-to-hand fighting...

JPG - 112.8 ko
Ouch ! +6 bonus to my Elf’s Attack rolls.

The combat system is a smart one, using modified d12 die rolls, and a weapon-specific table for the damages. There is the possibility to instant-kills, but you really have to try hard to suffer one !! There are no life points in Adrenaline. If you suffer an incapacitating wound, you loose one or two points from one of your statistic.

My Elf was no match for Neo’s Daemon in close combat, so I used my Acrobatics special ability to break free. Halas, he catch me up, and flawlessly killed me. Dang.

JPG - 101.5 ko

This second game lasted for a mere 20 minutes. We decided to have a third game... To playtest the ranged combat, I created an Orcish Archer.

JPG - 97.1 ko

It was lethal in ranged combat... He was so skilled, that I never moved him !! I tried to kill Neo’s Daemon with as many arrows as I could. I heavily wounded the 6 armed beast, but it managed to escape with the rune-adorned totem. Blast !

The rules were easy to learn, and the gameplay as fast as expected. Next time, we’ll try to set up a game with 3 or 4 players !


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